Google Plus Follows the Footsteps of Facebook

Google Plus is still far from the 701 million active Facebook users, but its popularity continues to grow

For a few surprises is the reign of Facebook. Despite the constant rumors that heralded its decline, the health of this social network remains steadfast. However, who will follow the steps of the network of Mark Zuckerberg?

The results for the first fiscal quarter of Facebook showed more than 111 million active users each month, of which 751 million users are connected through their mobile devices.

With Facebook at the tip, you might think that it is Twitter that holds second place. However, Google Plus is having this honor, what draws attention, especially if you consider that Google social network is the last thing that comes to mind at the time when socializing virtually.

So far, it has 359 million active users

According to the Internet research firm GlobalWebIndex, Google Plus accumulated a large number of new users and continued to outpace social network Twitter as the world number two.

Google Plus has so far with 359 million active users, 33% more than the 269 million users it started in June 2012. However, although the data are filtered now, Google is tight with its numbers and the latest figures were released in December.

At the end of 2012, it was announced that 500 million people had created Google Plus accounts. However, of this total only 135 million were actively performing publications to the social network pages, with some elements like the "+1".

The social network of the search engine is gaining more followers, which supersedes the Twitter

Knowing this, Google Plus is still far from the 701 million active Facebook users, even Mark Zuckerberg is striving to say that there are more than one billion accounts that are in use.

After almost two years that Google Plus saw the light, many misinterpreted it as a simple social network that eventually became a receptacle that covers all services of Google and serves line for the Mountain View company services.

While the Zuckerberg's network is leader among services to connect friends, in Google Plus it is more frequent to make contact with strangers who share common interests. Therein lies the charm of this social network which, to the surprise of many, has become the shadow of Facebook.
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